Olympic Sports Center in Suzhou (China)

The Olympic Sports Center in Suzhou has opened last autumn. In a 60 hectare publicly accessible landscape park, the stadium with a capacity of 45,000 and a span of 250 meters, the aquatics center with 3,000 seats, the indoor arena with 13,000 seats, and the shopping center have been completed.

Wolkenstein in Gröden (Bozen)- Larch-lined cable car station

In Selva di Val Gardena (Wolkenstein in Gröden), in the heart of the Dolomites, the new departure station of the Piz Seteur cable car was built, with the particularity of the upper floor, dedicated to storage rooms and staff accommodation, and the external coating in brushed larch wood.

Amatrice (Rieti) – New football field after the earthquake

Football fields are often the first - free and flat - areas to be used for the settlement of first aid camps in the event of natural disasters. Thus the municipal football field of Amatrice, which, less than two years after the earthquake, has been restored, equipping it with a surface of artificial grass of the latest generation.

Milan: Refurbishment of the Vigorelli Velodrome

The historic facility, which since 2015 has been undergoing redevelopment as part of Citylife's urban planning project, after the restoration of the wooden track, has now been completed with the renovation of the internal field for rugby and American football.

Chorzów, Poland: conversion of the Śląski stadium

The old stadium of the Polish city, which has been rebuilt several times, has undergone a new aesthetic and functional update, equipping itself, next to the football field, with an international athletics facility and a translucent roof on the stands.

Renovation of the Bottecchia velodrome track

The Ottavio Bottecchia velodrome, one of the first ten open-air tracks in the world, built in 1925, has recently been refurbished, bringing the track's surface back to its optimum functionality on the occasion of the "3 Sere Internazionali Città di Pordenone" (3 International Evenings in the City of Pordenone).

Special… Quidditch!

When the English writer J.K.Rowling published 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' in 1997, the first novel of the saga of Harry Potter, would not have perhaps imagined that in the future the Quidditch, magical game that takes place on horseback of flying broom handles, described there for the first time, would become a true sports discipline.