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via Lombardia, 4/6 - 25034 Orzinuovi (BS)
(+39) 030 9444433    
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Quick installation of the Garda glass parapet - Aluvetro

Garda glass balustrades - The laying of the handrail - Aluvetro

Founded as a spin-off of Vetraria Pescini, Aluvetro operates specifically in the market of architectural glass balustrades for exteriors and interiors with patented systems in aluminium and steel.

The glass balustrade of the Garda line guarantees stability and safety and is the ideal design choice in many sectors: in particular in stadiums, sports centres or pool edges, it guarantees maximum transparency and resistance without obstructing the view of sporting events. The Garda parapet is also ideal for residential areas, shopping centres and hotels.

Aluvetro: consulting

A careful professional technical advice allows to evaluate with the installer or the designer, every aspect useful to the choice of the ideal solution, which takes place according to some variables such as fixing system, project load, compliance with regulations, water disposal, type of glass, cover casing, customizations.

Full cycle reality

Aluvetro is aimed at a target group of Designers, Companies, Installers, Window fitters, Glassworks, Distributors and in general operators in the construction sector.
An entire production cycle, developed in the same plant, with compliance with regulations and certifications and a range that is being greatly expanded thanks to the success of the first products in a short time.