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Apetek Srl

Corso Italia, 19 - 24040 Osio Sopra (Bergamo)
(+39) 035 494 2201     (+39) 035 499 7158    
Contattare: Valentina Locatelli    

Apetek is a company specialized in recovery, production, processing and sale of polyethylene foam closed cell regenerated, as shock pads for underlays for football fields and playgrounds, tested and patented materials, for construction (such as protection and Drainages ), zootechnics (as an antishock mat for horses and cows) for Archery (as Target Butt in different sizes and categories, completely ecological and resistant) for urban furniture with the application of decorative synthetic grass (internal and external).

The process of reusing the polyethylene foams helps to give a second life to the material and to generate new features that improve the original performance, highlighting, in every field of application, the continuous research for innovative solutions.
Apetek believes in and uses the criterion of the Circular Economy based on four fundamentals pillars:
– Industry 4.0 with high-tech machinery, collection of residual material by train or returned truck;
– Reuse of XPE foam from post-industrial residual material, reconversion process of the foam mixture and regeneration of our products at the end of their life;
– life cycle assessment, ten principles of the global impact combined with human rights, on work, on the environment and on the fight against corruption;
– Low energy used, low emissions, more than 90% of the materials reconverted in our factory;

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