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Arianna spa

Via Dell'Industria 17A - 35028 Piove di Sacco (PD)
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Contact: Francesco Mazzei - Michele Riccio    

In 2009, when the LED revolution began, Arianna s.p.a. was founded, a lighting company that made technology and innovation its trump card.

The Total Reflection patent has propelled the Padua-based start-up among the leading manufacturers of lighting fixtures for roads, tunnels and sports.
Arianna’s light is effective light that illuminates where it is needed without waste and maximises the lighting result. The quest for innovation presides over every operation and enables the company to present products that respond to a constantly developing market. Arianna products are the result of analysis and study, careful choice of raw materials, precise design and meticulous industrialisation in Italy.

The quality certifications of the production cycle guarantee a safe and reliable product, and the specialisation in lighting calculations and post-installation assistance ensure a very high level of service.

Arianna and sports lighting

An adequate lighting system is among the most important aspects when referring to a sports facility, in order to best render the athletic gesture and the spectators’ expectations.

This is why Arianna’s technicians have teamed up with experts in the various sports facilities and disciplines to develop a format capable of combining performance needs, energy savings, and the expectations of athletes and managers. This kind of package is based on the study of the existing sports area, a customised design using modular products and accessories, the prior study of future energy consumption while respecting the environment, and optimisation using smart technologies.

The calculated energy savings exceed 70% and allow a return on the initial investment in a few years. The main product for this application is Petrarca, a lighting fixture dedicated to sport capable of unique performance.

Arianna’s exclusive patents combined with the unique photometric analysis of its experts allow the playing field to be illuminated with absolute precision by directing the LED light exactly where you want it to go. The possibility of remote control of the system allows for extensive maintenance based on the eventual replacement of the individual lamp concerned. Installation times are short thanks to small weights and dimensions and quick coupling systems. The projector is placed at a precise point, precisely to meet the needs of that area, with characteristics calculated specifically for that point of installation so as to pursue the ultimate goal of our products: homogeneous lighting, free of shadow areas, also guaranteeing the drastic reduction of glare angles. Lighting that is emotion.

Here you can download the product brochures for light projectors Petrarca and for optical motor Giotto