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Cebic Urban Design srl

via dell'Economia, 9 - 45030 Occhiobello (RO)
(+39) 0425 538579    
Contact: Giuseppe Bianco    


Resin coating Cycle paths| RESUPER-01 ECOBIKE

Cebic Urban Design today represents an exemplary reference point for the development and evolution of the company in the technical flooring sector. In a few years it has been able to identify, propose and distribute on the market products of high technological content represented by a staff of highly qualified technicians. A growth that is the result of precise company choices and a new philosophy of intervention that prefers the study of increasingly advanced products and improve the quality of services offered.

From Cebic Urban Design the resin flooring for bicycle lanes

Cebic produces resins for cycle paths, street furniture, classic printed asphalt pavements, plasticized printed asphalt, resin coating of driveway areas and also tactile paths and treatments with photocatalytic resin.
Cebic’s resins are perfect for sports floors, they are widely used to create playgrounds and skating rinks.
Thanks to the development department it is possible to formulate products on request with different antiskid and elasticity parameters according to the final use.

Innovation with Resuper-01 Ecobike

Cebic’s research and development has made it possible to create a unique and exclusive resin for the protection and decoration treatment of asphalt surfaces for the construction of cycle paths: “Resuper-01 Ecobike”.
Resuper-01 Ecobike is today the most complete and performing product on the market, it is an eco-compatible water-based resin with the following certification

VOC : 1,50 gr/lt (Directive 2004/42 EC)
Over the years, the complex formulation has been modified according to the needs encountered on site by its employees, who have 20 years’ experience of application.

Cebic Urban Design has tested its exclusive products in the ANAS and GFC laboratories and is certified by the University of Bologna.