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CIS 2000 srl

via Ciniselli, 12 - 20019 Settimo Milanese (MI)
(+39) 02 37929347     (+39) 02 89201871    

Operating headquarters:    
via Martelli, 10 - 20080 Zibido San Giacomo (MI)

Contact: Rino Troise    


Padel cover system Woodpad

An interview to Rino Troise - CEO of CIS 2000

CIS 2000 is leader in Italy in the production of special covers, designed and built to satisfy all areas: sports, civil, industrial and trade fair. CIS 2000 is certified SOA – OS 33 cl. II (special roofing) has established itself on the market making the design and management of complex architectural projects its strong point.
It manages turnkey projects; it is a general contractor, operating at national and international level dealing with design, construction, technical assistance and maintenance.

CIS 2000 creates for each project specific working groups able to follow the work at 360°. The complete service offered allows the customer to reduce costs, while guaranteeing excellent standards of workmanship.

The services

  • Covers for sports facilities
  • Industrial and civil coverings
  • Textile architecture
  • Textile facades
  • Ventilated facades

CIS 2000 solutions

The proposed covers are of different types, the choice is driven by the project and the specific needs of each situation. CIS 2000 produces sports, industrial and civil roofing: geodetic domes, Glulam roofing, pressostatic roofing, tensile structures.
CIS 2000 covers are perfectly suited to five-a-side soccer fields, tennis courts, padels, as well as large sports facilities, sports halls, multipurpose sports centres, velodromes, public and private swimming pools.

Geodetic roofs and glulam: two strengths of CIS 2000

The geodesic domes are characterized by a hemispherical structure composed of a network of steel beams which, intersecting each other, form triangular elements. The peculiarity of this structure is represented by its strength: size and strength have a proportional ratio.
Glulam: Space Wood and Arch Wood

Glulam structures are the first choice when aesthetics is a must-have. They can also be combined with steel structures for unique and always particular solutions. They can be clad with wood, glass, panels or with textile coverings that guarantee an attractive visual effect.

The Space Wood covering is an innovative solution. The load-bearing structure is made with straight glulam beams combined with steel joints. It is designed to cover every type of solution, from a simple tennis court to a sports cover with a span of over 250 metres.

In Arch Wood the supporting structure is characterized by suitably curved arches with two or three hinges. The spans outside are then completed by steel bracing.