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Ecover Srl

via Milano, 10 - 65100 Pescara
(+39) 085 2012216     (+39) 085 7992523     345 2394549 - 340 4160285    
Contact: Leonardo Ravizzini - Massimo Smarrelli    


Ecover Tunnel Furniture: padel Aosta covering

TIMELAPS covered padel fields

Ecover srl is specialized since 20 years in PVC Roofing Systems in the design of mobile tunnels and padel field coverings. Over the years the company has developed into agricultural, industrial and logistic roofing systems: mobile tunnels, sheds, vertical warehouses and shelters.
Ecover’s professionalism is born from the design and assembly phase and is then concretized with the realization of steel or wooden sports covers covered with a PVC sheet intended mainly for padel fields, in this sector – for the number of covers realized – is recognized as a leader in Italy and abroad.

PVC coverings by Ecover: guaranteed quality without compromise

From the union of passion and technology comes the offer of assistance with the best possible product and service, respecting the timing and budget for the realization of PVC sports coverings, industrial, logistic or agricultural, paying the utmost care in all phases: design, production, assembly and after-sales service.

The choice of the solution to be adopted is made together with the client, analysing together requests, destination, budget and expectations – thus arriving at the design and implementation of a long-lasting sports cover solution.

Complete services of Ecover srl

Ecover, for the construction of mobile tunnels and covers for padel fields, as well as for all its products, provides the customer with a complete set of services:

  • Technical and architectural design
  • Engineering and shipbuilding support
  • Bureaucratic and legislative support
  • Complete customization of products
  • Structural tests
  • After sales assistance
  • Certifications and quality assurance

The wooden or steel coverings of a padel field or a logistic, industrial, agricultural structure, starts from the design studio with 3D simulation, the technical advice allows the customer to have a team of experts available. Ecover manages the construction phase containing the impact on the total investment and with its 20 years of experience in the metal roofing and sports roofing sector is able to offer a turnkey service.