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Europomice Srl

Via Napo Torriani, 1 - 20124 Milano
(+39) 02 669 814 71    
Contact: Riccardo Billi - Bruno Magi    

Europomice, a volcano of ideas

EUROPOMICE Srl is a leader in the production and marketing of volcanic aggregates such as PUMICE, LAPILLO, ZEOLITE and CULTURAL SUBSTRATES, which meet the needs of the horticultural, urban green and building sectors.

POMICI and LAPILLI are natural and recommended for horticultural applications such as drainage for lawns in sports facilities (ex DIN standards in all variants, STRI standards, USGA drainage, reinforced and vertical drainage), as growing substrates for rooting, soil improvers, for stabilized drainage of rammed earth surfaces, mulches, preparation of compost and soilless crops.

Vulcamix and Vulcasoil volcanic substrates (click here to learn more) are made up of different mixtures of volcanic materials (selected pumice and lapilli); they are fertile, ready, easy to spread, free from toxic and dangerous substances and from weed seeds: they are particularly suitable for improving the chemical-physical characteristics of the soil. They replace and integrate silica sands in the treatment and recharge of turf (top dressing). They contribute to the formation of intensive use lawns (up to 500 hours / year).

The addition of ZEOLITES in a variable share between 10 and 20% stimulates the development of the root system in depth.

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