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Geogreen Srl

corso Alba 85/89 - 12043 Canale (Cuneo)
(+39) 0173 970 089     
Contact: Williams Cavallari    

Geogreen srl is a company based in Canale (CN) that manufactures and markets products for the nutrition of turfgrasses, flowering plants, ornamental plants, fruit plants and vegetables grown for amateur use.

Geogreen offers high quality granular fertilizers, organo-mineral and water-soluble fluids to be used at the time of sowing, planting and for the maintenance of turfgrass.

In addition to fertilizers, Geogreen also offers a line of seeds (Ares Seed) consisting of seed mixtures tanned from among the most suitable for the soil and climate conditions of the peninsula and the Italian market. The range also includes many pure varieties (some in 0/0 lots) and innovative macrotherm varieties.

We are sponsors of AITG Associazione Italiana Tecnici di Golf, AIPV Associazione Italiana Professionisti del Verde and AICG Associazione Italiana Centri Giardinaggio.