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GrassPartners b.v.
distributore esclusivo per l’Italia

via A. Nobel, 18 - 39055 Laives (BZ)
(+39) 0471 974564    

GrassPartners b.v.
Puttenstraat, 7 - 8281 BP Genemuiden - Paesi Bassi (The Netherlands)
(+31) 38 3858150    

Contact: Stuppner Hansi     

GrassPartners produces a wide range of synthetic turf in the Netherlands for sports, multisport, leisure and landscaping. A new independent player with a lot of experience and an assortment of over 40 products.

The word Partners, into the company name, identifies the company’s mission: to work alongside professionals of environmental architecture, leisure, multifunctional applications and sport to offer high quality and innovative products to customers who use synthetic turf all over the world.

We invest in sustainability and feel responsible for the commitment we have taken on. We also make sure we live up to any environmental protection requirements.
We control the entire production process to ensure a quality product: from fibre extrusion to tufting / coating to storage.
The fibre of our yarns can be of two types: diamond shaped or c-shaped. We have a wide range of colour and shape combinations, and we also manufacture custom-made yarns.

GrassPartners product lines

GP Football Turf Pro is the synthetic grass for football fields. Produced with original football yarns: 13,200 Dtex, Diamond shaped field/olive or emerald/apple. It is available in heights of 40, 50 and 60 mm.

GP Football Turf Basic, is the original synthetic turf for football pitches subjected to low playing stress. Produced with original football yarns: 9.000 Dtex, Diamond shaped emerald/apple. It is available in heights of 35 and 40 mm.

Doing sport indoors or outdoors, in your garden or on the field of your sports association: the new GP Non – Infill products are strong but also soft.

GP Sportland, GP Playland, GP Universal
This series has been designed for multi-purpose sports field projects. Each product is made specifically for its intended use: it ranges from a special combination of yarns to fibrillated or curled yarns.
Suitable for multi-purpose sports: hockey, football, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball and many others but also for playgrounds, events, environmental architecture.

GP Tennis and GP Padel are specially created for Tennis and Padel, they are produced in kits, including stripes, they are in stock for immediate delivery.

GP PRO Series
The GP Pro series includes a wide range of products; they are ideal in the design and construction of urban areas, small and large private gardens, and leisure.
The products are made with 100% PE yarns or in combination of PE and PP according to the need and for a natural look. Available in different heights and in a wide range of colours.