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Helitec srl

via Volta, 19 - 10040 Druento (TO)
(+39) 011 9941034    
Contact: Simone Caraceto - J. Vito Stanisci    


Helitec: sport lighting and Esco Company

Lighting at no cost - Helitec Esco

Helitec is a Certified Esco and is involved in the production and installation of LED sports lighting also specialising in operational rental services.

Helitec: lighting technology and light contract at the service of sport

Combining energy savings with efficient lighting solutions is a must for the construction of new sports facilities or the redevelopment of existing ones. In a sports centre whether indoors or outdoors, light is an essential ingredient as well as an essential service for the facility to function at its best.

Adopting luminaires that save enormously on running costs but that are functional to the sporting activity, will serve to highlight your club, your club, your field and your facility, creating an appeal for already registered athletes and new affiliates who will no longer be able to do without sports in a well-lit and uniformly lit field or facility.

The perfect combination for any need

The lighting of sports facilities is constrained by precise requirements: to provide correct lighting with a high level of comfort necessary to improve the playing or training experience. Lighting design becomes one of the fundamental components for the success of a sports facility. In particular, the afternoon-evening time slot is the one in which the majority of customers arrive and they train and play by choosing the sports centres where they can best carry out these activities. The LED lamps combined with Helitec’s design, selected optics and aiming during installation are the perfect combo for correct lighting, with the exact number of lamps for maximum performance at minimum cost.