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Gewerbering, 3 - 86666 Burgheim - Germany
(+39) 02 305 785 90    
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International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2023 - Ludovic Besson

In 50 years, Polytan has become a global market leader with an ever-expanding portfolio of products. It all started with synthetic surfaces: the Polytan range now includes high-speed athletics tracks, all-weather courts, tennis courts and shock-absorbing courts, as well as synthetic grass systems for football, hockey, rugby, American football and multifunctional fields. All Polytan synthetic grass systems and synthetic surfaces are manufactured at our advanced production site in Grefrath, Germany.

Sustainability is part of Polytan’s corporate philosophy. As a comprehensive service provider, they act sustainably – from development to the selection of the raw materials, to the production, installation, maintenance, and recycling of their sports surfaces. The results of this research and development can be found at Polytan under the “Green Technology” (GT) umbrella: A new generation of products designed with durability in mind through efficient manufacturing, using ecological materials and reliable processes. Polytan’s environmental management has also been certified ISO 14001 since 2015, underling their commitment to sustainability.

Green Technology

Polytan’s Green Technology (GT) line is the result of many years of research and development with the aim of protecting resources and the climate. It represents a new generation of highly developed products and procedures that combine the cutting-edge expertise of the synthetic materials industry with the functional and ecological advantages of renewable raw materials and new resource conservation technologies.

Synthetic Grass

Perfect solutions with optimal playing properties for every need and budget, from multi-purpose surfaces for amateur clubs to Premier League stadiums.

LigaTurf: As the first football turf system to feature a straight monofilament, LigaTurf sparked a revolution in the artificial turf market. Often imitated but never duplicated, LigaTurf remains one of the most popular FIFA-certified football turf systems. The synthetic grass systems in this range are soft and offer a natural experience for players, with optimum rolling and bounce properties for football, rugby and American football, as well as professional teams. LigaTurf systems are certified by international sports federations such as FIFA and World Rugby.

Poligras: The Poligras brand groups together the main Polytan hockey products and has become the first choice for major hockey events around the world. Poligras has featured at seven Olympic Games and will also be the official playing surface for Paris 2024. Polytan is the authorised preferential supplier of the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

LigaGrass: Low-maintenance, durable and multi-functional – the LigaGrass artificial turf system with its texturised filaments is perfect for municipal, school and club facilities.

Natural Infills: Polytan offers several sustainable infill options, including BrockFILL, cork and olive pits. The materials used fulfil the high-quality requirements of sports facilities, while ensuring that the production process runs as resource-efficiently as possible.


Polytan tracks meet every need for high speed and top performance.

Rekortan: Rekortan running tracks have always been good for setting records. Rekortan PUR is a high-speed synthetic surface ideal for record-breaking performances by elite international athletes. The professional choice among sports surfaces is Rekortan M, an authentic professional sports surface that offers exceptional acceleration performance and enhanced tread elasticity. It is also quick and boasts excellent shock absorption. Polytan has been constantly refining its synthetic surfaces for more than 50 years, and its Polytan Tartan GOLD is a high-performance surface for top-class international sport.

The Rekortan BS synthetic surface is the cost-effective multipurpose solution for athletics. The structural spray-coated surface is primarily used for running tracks, run-up tracks and athletics facilities. Rekortan SES and Rekortan SL are water-permeable structured surfaces for professional athletic training facilities for high user numbers.

Re-Topping Systems: Polytan offers a professional solution for worn running tracks in need of renewal. With the product types Rekortan RT, Rekortan RT PF, and Rekortan RS, old surfaces can be physically and visually renewed to provide optimum training and competition conditions once more.