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Polytan Gmbh

Gewerbering, 3 - 86666 Burgheim - Germany
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In 50 years Polytan has become a global market leader with an ever-expanding portfolio of products. It all started with synthetic surfaces: the Polytan range now includes high-speed athletics tracks, all-weather courts, tennis courts, handball and shock absorbing courts, as well as synthetic grass systems for football, hockey, rugby, American football and multifunctional fields. All Polytan synthetic grass systems and synthetic surfaces are manufactured at our advanced production site in Grefrath, Germany.

Synthetic Grass

Perfect solutions with optimal playing properties for every need and budget, from multi-purpose courts for amateur clubs to Premier League stadiums.
LigaTurf: The synthetic grass systems in this range all have smooth filaments and are filled with sand and granules. They are soft and offer a natural experience for players, with optimum rolling and bounce properties for football, rugby and American football, even for professional teams. LigaTurf systems are certified by international sports federations such as FIFA and World Rugby.
Poligras: a brand that groups together the main Polytan hockey products. Authorised preferential supplier of the International Hockey Federation (FIH).
Fusion Gt: With the Fusion GT infill, we have sustainable, high performance filling in our Green Technology range that combines high quality EPDM rubber granulate with components from rapidly renewable raw materials.

The tracks

Here, too, there are many solutions for every need: for high speed and top performance slopes, Rekortan PUR is a solid synthetic surface ideal for the best times, records and international elite sports.
The professional choice is Rekortan M, an authentic professional sports surface that offers exceptional acceleration performance and greater tread elasticity. It is also fast and boasts excellent shock absorption.
Polytan Tartan GOLD is a high-performance surface for international top-level sport.
Spurtan WS is the synthetic surface for the cost-effective multi-purpose solution for athletics. The spray-painted structural surface is mainly used for race tracks, running tracks and athletics facilities.
Spurtan SES and SL are water-permeable structured surfaces for professional athletic training facilities for high user numbers.
With the products Rekortan M RT, Rekortan M RT PF and Spurtan WS RT, worn athletic tracks surfaces can be renewed to once again provide optimal training and competition conditions.

Green Technology

Sustainability is part of Polytan’s corporate philosophy. Polytan’s Green Technology (GT) line is the result of many years of research and development with the aim of protecting resources and the climate. A new generation of highly developed products and procedures that combine the cutting-edge expertise of the synthetic materials industry with the functional and ecological advantages of renewable raw materials and new resource conservation technologies.

Polytan Life Cycle

As a comprehensive service provider, Polytan ensures appropriate and conscientious use of resources at every stage of the life cycle: from raw material selection to production, installation, use and maintenance, through to disposal and recycling. Certified environmental management, in accordance with ISO 14001 since 2015, underlines this statement.