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Sabbie di Parma srl

strada Argine Maestro del Po, 6 - 43016 Polesine Zibello (PR)
(+39) 0524 96134     (+39) 0524 936798     (+39) 342 9499114    
Contact: Luca Bacchi    


Responsible innovators award

“Sabbie di Parma” is today a major producer of silica and quartz sands for industry and sports.


The products are refined, selected and certified. The Polesine site is equipped with plants suitable for the production of sands of the highest quality.

The company is certified ISO 9001:2015 – Control of the production process from production to sale.

Fields of application

Sabbie di Parma extracts, selects, processes and markets sands of various grain sizes for industry, the railway sector and the building industry. The products are specific for sandblasting, water filtration and purification systems, relaxation areas and sports.

In the sports sector, our sands are specific and certified for: football, rugby, beach volleyball, golf, horse riding, padel, tennis, and sub-bases for football pitches.

100% recycled artificial grass surfaces

The issue of recycling synthetic turf at the end of its life represents an environmental, storage and raw material exploitation problem.

Sabbie di Parma has set up a plant for the recovery, processing and recycling of synthetic turf. Within 36 hours, the turf is collected, transported to the plant and processed, thus being able to recover sand, performance infill and carpet.

The production process

The sand arrives from the quarries directly on ships owned by Sabbie di Parma by river and is accumulated by means of belts in the warehouse.
It then undergoes the various processes:

  • Selection
  • Washing
  • Re-sorting
  • Dust removal
  • Drying
  • Iron removal
  • Packaging

High-tech plants

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and proven experience in research and development, we are able to classify sands in a variety of grain sizes, thus meeting specific market requirements with solutions that offer a very high quality/price ratio.