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Village Green Grass specs

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Village Green grass is a medium/fine-textured, soft-textured with a deep green colour. It has a dense structure that suppresses weeds (eliminating the need for herbicides) and requires less water and fertiliser than other varieties of macro-terms.

Macro-terms, such as Village Green, adapt well to today’s warmer temperatures and lower rainfall, making them a more sustainable choice for modern turfs throughout southern Europe.

The turf for Europe

Village Green turf has been selected in Australia and tested and proven in private villa gardens, public open spaces and sports fields throughout the European Mediterranean basin.

  1. It is the only approved kikuyu variety grown outside Australia and the only one certified by the European Union.
  2. More than 12,000,000 square metres sold
  3. Grown and supplied by 25 of the world’s best turf farmers.

Our certified manufacturers are professionals who are familiar with the science and production of quality turf and follow a code of conduct that guarantees a high quality product. Each customer will receive a Certificate of Authenticity certifying its purity, origin and quality. No other turfgrass species offers this guarantee.

A winning turf!

Village Green has been selected to withstand the constant wear and tear of sports pitches, thanks to its dense cover, good winter activity and a developed root system that enables it to cope with constant traffic, trampling and lack of water supply.

Village Green supports both low cuts to create a smooth surface for summer sports and higher cuts in winter to handle the toughest playing conditions.

The dense cover and extensive root system means that players’ shoes only damage the turf surface without damaging the root system.

This allows the turf to recover quickly and ensures a safe playing experience, reducing injuries.

Not afraid of winter

Village Green turf can be laid at any time of the year in a Mediterranean climate. Laying the turf from late autumn to early spring saves water.

Certification and support

Village Green is a certified turfgrass, having obtained a European certificate in 2015.
There are currently eight certified manufacturers of Village Green.

Village Green lawn is suitable for:

Sports fields
Hotels and Resorts
Parks and Public Gardens