Market Sectors


Piazzale Edmondo Stroppiana 1 - 12051 Alba Fraz. Gallo (Cn) – Italy
FLOORINGS: synthetic, synthetic grass, wood
GRANDSTANDS AND SEATS: grandstands seats, removable grandstands, retractable and movable grandstands
via dell'industria, 44 - 63030 Monteprandone (Ap)
FLOORINGS: sub-bases, synthetic
PLAYGROUNDS AND URBAN DESIGN: parks - gardens & green areas, urban design
via del Lavoro - 12062 Cherasco (CN) - Italy
FLOORINGS: granules
via Carlinga, 35 - 24035 Curno (BG)
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: sports centres
FLOORINGS: granules, sands, synthetic
FURNISHING: floorings for interiors