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Curved balustrades and grandstands at the Bocconi Urban Campus in Milan

In 2012, Studio SANAA, with Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, won the international competition organised by Bocconi, one of Italy's best-known universities. Completed and

Sound-absorbing coatings by Celenit for sporting and wellness environments

Club Metropolitan Bilbao (ES), design: B+R Arquitectos (photo: Roberto Lara Fotografía). Thanks to their special surface texture, the wood wool panels are natural sound absorbers and

Fiuggi. A spa as big as a city

Since ancient times, man has studied with interest the benefits and regenerative potential of water, which over time has become a true therapeutic medium. But

By Apen Group air conditioning for pressostatic roofs

At the "Tennis Calcetto Barona" Sports Centre in Milan, there are padel courts, five-a-side football pitches and tennis courts, all air-conditioned with Apen Group products:

WM Autopilot: autonomous driving conquers the ice

The basic principle of Industry 4.0, its 'engine', is automation. And, when speaking of automation in mobility, this refers to autonomous driving. The latter, however,

FT Plasteco tensile structure for 6 padel courts

The roofing of the 6 courts, placed in parallel with each other, made by FT Plasteco Milano, consists of a tensile structure with white laminated

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