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pilkington italia vetri per il padel

Pilkington special glass ups the game for padel

Pilkington Italia is part of the NSG Group, a leading manufacturer of flat glass, which has been at the forefront of special glass solutions for

woodpad cis2000 campi da padel

Woodpad ®, the cover born for padel

The structure is made of engineered glued laminated wood, produced with spruce boards up to 40 millimetres thick, mechanically classified according to UNI EN 14081

gestione energetica padel ecover

Energy management in Ecover systems for padel courts

Gas and electricity costs have increased enormously, and these items, in the expenditure chapter of a sports center, are becoming increasingly important. This situation is

xpadel casali sport pavimentazione padel in resina

X for XPadel, a field choice

"The idea of our R&D lab was to develop a surface for playing padel that had Casali Sport's DNA, thus different from those commonly used

stadio druso milani valerio

The new seating at the Druso Stadium, a work of the Milani Valerio Srl company

The stadium has now been upgraded - by the architectural firms gmp, Dejaco+Partner and Bergmeister - with the elimination of the athletics track around the

safitex turf erba lnd

Eco Next, the 100% recyclable synthetic grass by Safitex Turf

Year after year, Safitex experimented and researched new products and markets until, in 2002, it dedicated all its resources to a new product: synthetic turf.

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