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OMSI 1961-2021: sixty years of quality

Seats of the Oreste Granillo stadium in Reggio Calabria. History OMSI was born in Bologna in 1961 on the initiative of three partners; plastic toy molds were

The Cavatorta’s certified mesh Replax T Sport

The Replax T Sport mesh by Cavatorta, accompanied by system accessories, is able to ensure the performance required by the standard UNI EN 13200-3:2018 and

Athletics Championships 2021 on the track of Rovereto with Regupol AG surface

The assignment to the Trentino venue by FIDAL took place last January: it is thus the second time, after 2014, that the U.S. Quercia Trentingrana

Module, the multifunctional machine from Künzle&Tasin for the care of sports surfaces

The daily maintenance of gyms and sports facilities with compact surfaces, such as tennis courts, which require both dust extraction and actual washing, can now

The Sensory Tracks by Legnolandia: the diversity of natural elements through the senses

The sensory tracks signed by Legnolandia are made using only energy obtained from renewable sources (sun, water, biomass) and zero kilometers raw materials  in accordance

Maximum output, minimum expense: the lighting engineering challenge that no product can win alone

Very often, in fact, when one is about to face the lighting of a new project, a good part of the budget has already been

TSPORT: Progetti e Realizzazioni

TSPORT Rubriche