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stadio druso milani valerio

The new seating at the Druso Stadium, a work of the Milani Valerio Srl company

The stadium has now been upgraded - by the architectural firms gmp, Dejaco+Partner and Bergmeister - with the elimination of the athletics track around the

safitex turf erba lnd

Eco Next, the 100% recyclable synthetic grass by Safitex Turf

Year after year, Safitex experimented and researched new products and markets until, in 2002, it dedicated all its resources to a new product: synthetic turf.

Domo® sports grass

Domo® Sports Grass for the “miracle pitch” at Corviale

This is no ordinary pitch: the Corviale social redevelopment project is a major undertaking that includes the creation of inclusive activities, among which the football

tipiesse partenariato

Tipiesse’s work for sports facilities

Turbigo, multifunctional sports centre. Over the years, the company from Villa d'Adda (Bergamo) has refined its skills in the construction of "turnkey" sports facilities, and in

ital.project intasi vegetali

Ital.Project arrives on the vegetable infill market

Ital.Project S.r.l. is the result of research, development and many years of experience in the production of sports turf. Ital.Project is the only company that

pilkington vetri speciali padel

Pilkington special glass ups the game for padel

For the uninitiated, Padel is a combination of tennis and squash. It is the fastest growing racket sport in the world with a court that

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