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Halls and gyms


Giaveno (Turin): Athletics track into the Antonio Torta Stadium

Among the most important athletics facilities in Italy, the one in Giaveno was brought back to optimal conditions in 2019.

Manerba del Garda (Brescia): Private athletics facility

In the yard of a villa on the Garda hills, a private athletics facility with synthetic sports surfaces of the highest quality has been created in full view of the lake.

Tscape - Urban furniture

Prato: Playground at Macrolotto Zero

The Playground is one of the few existing open-air areas in the Macrolotto Zero district and aims to respond to the lack of equipped outdoor sports spaces.

Other facilities

Milan: Redevelopment of the M. Giuriati Sports Centre
Pero (Milan): The “Gianni Brera” Sports Centre
Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari): Upgrading of the sports center G. Giammaria
Paderno Dugnano: The Padel Arena at the Country Sport Village
Lecco: Redevelopment of the Al Bione Multi-Sport Centre
Rimini: Refurbuishment of the Rivabella sports center for rubgy and baseball
Busto Garolfo (Milan): the Play Sport Village
Milan: Refurbishment of the Crespi Sport Village


Inclusive games

Games for children, in an urban park, must be adapted to the needs of a wider audience and help to train and educate them to a culture of participation and integration, being able to recognize, from the outset, at the time of the game, in the diversity of others a resource.

Sustenible facilities

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