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via Cimabue, 67 - 71013 San Giovanni Rotondo (FG)
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Innovation, quality and professionalism are the characteristics that, for more than twenty-five years of activity, have made De Cata Sport a highly specialized and fully reliable company in the field of sports facilities.
The quality of a sporting event also depends on the structure that hosts it, the most modern technologies, the highest quality of products and professionalism are the guarantee to enhance the performance of the athlete and durability, ensuring a quality / price ratio.
The company uses advanced products and has years of research and experience, so it is able to recommend the best available.
De Cata Sport is able to offer a complete service from consulting to the perfect realization of any turnkey sports facility.
There is no sport for which our team of specialists is not able to create a suitable structure.

Padel: fiberglass news

The patented fiberglass structures are a real revolution in indoor and outdoor padel courts.
Normally, these are equipped with iron structures or other materials that, rusting, are subject to structural failure, but none of this happens with fiberglass structures.
The main advantages of its use:

  • It does not require maintenance because it does not rust and does not suffer corrosion from the saltiness.
  • It is light and easy to install, especially when compared to iron, the standard material used for the construction of padel courts.
  • It is safe, fiberglass insulates from electricity, resists fire and UV rays and is anti-abrasive and anti-shock.
  • It is solid, thanks to its high mechanical strength it guarantees durability and resistance over time.

The mantles developed for De Cata padel courts are ecological made of polyethylene fibers extremely durable and resistant to UV rays and ice. It guarantees a perfect ball rebound, a firm footing and control of movements for greater comfort during its use.

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