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Joker Floors - MP2 Srl

via Mantegna, 4 - 52100 Arezzo
(+39) 0575 159 6824    
Contact: Mattia Pazzaglia    

Joker Floors is a dynamic company in the field of sports flooring and facilities, founded in 2011. Specializing in the production and distribution of modular sports flooring, the company has established itself as a benchmark in the international arena, exporting its high-quality products worldwide. Here the pdf  of the company profile.

Joker Floors’ offerings cover a wide range of solutions for all kinds of sports needs. From basketball courts to tennis courts, via dedicated volleyball and multisport areas, each product is designed to ensure optimal performance, safety and comfort. The modularity of the floors offers great versatility, making it possible to be installed in different types of facilities, both indoor and outdoor. At this link the indoor / outdoor skating brochure.

A strength of Joker Floors is its ability to supply not only its own products, but also to install and distribute leading international sports flooring brands. This allows the company to offer a wide choice of solutions, thus meeting specific technical and aesthetic needs of its customers.

The quality of the materials used, combined with the advanced technology employed in manufacturing, positions Joker Floors at the forefront of the industry. The company also pays attention to international safety regulations and environmental certifications, ensuring products that are not only high performing but also sustainable.

With a customer-focused approach, Joker Floors constantly engages in research and development to innovate and improve its products. Top-notch after-sales service and technical support complete the offering, making the experience with Joker Floors totally reliable and satisfying.

Joker Floors is an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality, versatile, customized sports flooring solutions with a strong service component and comprehensive attention to customer needs.