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via Artigiani, 29/31 - 29020 Vigolzone (PC)
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Circolo del Tennis di Casalgrande

PalaBanca di Piacenza

Luxi Illuminazione is an all-Italian reality in the field of production and marketing of high quality LED products.

Start every game with a different light

It is with this in mind that Luxi conceives and develops a line of professional products dedicated to indoor and outdoor sports facilities.
LED lighting does not only mean a reduction in operating and maintenance costs, but the quality of light and its distribution on the field are elements that improve performance and create entertainment experiences with great emotional impact.
Sport is first of all emotion, for those who practice it and for those who live it from the sidelines or from home in the presence of television footage.

Luxi lighting fixtures provide visual comfort, quality and uniformity of illumination, respecting the parameters imposed by the sports federations and television filming using flicker-free technology.
All Luxi Illuminazione products are tested and certified according to the highest European standards with Italian warranty and assistance.
Luxi Illuminazione consultants and designers are specialized in lighting and energy management in indoor and outdoor contexts: from lighting for stores and offices, to lighting for industrial spaces and outdoor areas.