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Sabbie di Parma srl

strada Argine Maestro del Po, 6 - 43016 Polesine Zibello (PR)
(+39) 052 496 134    
Contact: Roberto Gallingani    


Sabbie di Parma - corporate video

Sabbie di Parma is a company specialised in the extraction and processing of natural raw materials of river origin. Thanks to its profound know-how in land management, quarry cultivation and special processing of the extracted sands, over the years it has become a nationwide reference point for those in search of high quality raw materials to be used in the construction of sports facilities and artefacts.

By means of its own ships and plants, the sand arrives from the quarries directly by river, proceeding through a series of processing operations to guarantee the customer the highest quality product:

  • selection
  • washing
  • screening
  • dedusting
  • drying
  • iron removal
  • packaging


Certain processes, such as dedusting, drying and deferrialisation, make it possible to obtain unique products perfectly tailored to the customer’s specific needs. This ability to customise the product and focus on quality clearly distinguishes Sabbie di Parma from the rest of the market, which is more oriented towards standardisation and quantity.
The Parma-based company’s sands, in fact, have various certifications, such as those issued by the National Amateur League (LND) and the United States Golf Association (USGA), which attest to the suitability of the materials for use in sports facilities, even at professional level.
Lastly, Sabbie di Parma’s materials also comply with the most stringent regulations in the construction and manufacturing fields, as they have CE markings and certifications of compliance with UNI directives.