Brusa Pasquè

History and tradition are the roots from which the Brusa Pasquè Associate Studio takes shape and inspiration, which today aims at technological innovation and sustainable projects. The studio began its activity in 1948 with Sergio Brusa Pasquè, engineer. Since 1982, the daughters, architects Anna Manuela and Elena, have continued this activity [...]

Europomice Srl

Europomice, a volcano of ideas EUROPOMICE Srl is a leader in the production and marketing of volcanic aggregates such as PUMICE, LAPILLO, ZEOLITE and CULTURAL SUBSTRATES, which meet the needs of the horticultural, urban green and building sectors. POMICI and LAPILLI are natural and recommended for horticultural applications such as drainage [...]

Hauraton Italia srl

Founded in 1999 in Osimo, HAURATON Italy deals with drainage, treatment and dispersion of rainwater with the aim of making our territory safer for a common well-being. The Mission of HAURATON Italy is to educate all professionals on the importance of drainage, treatment and dispersion of rainwater in all areas: roads, highways, ports, [...]

Mario Orlando & Figli srl

MARIO ORLANDO & FIGLI designs and manufactures modular solutions for shows and sports facilities: stages, stands, platforms, solariums, stands, metal barriers and anti-panic barriers. Customized for specific needs. GRANDSTANDS – Versatile patented modular structures, suitable for stands and steps for any type of pre-existing system. [...]

Omsi srl

Omsi designs, produces and installs sports seats and armchairs in polypropylene and polyamide, made by injection moulding, for stadiums, arenas and sports facilities. Circular economy for eco-compatible seats Omsi boasts the absolute primacy in the development of a circular economy system for the production of eco-friendly seats made of [...]

Acquapark srl

Acquapark deals with planning and construction of waterparks, waterslides, manytrack, acquatube ø 90 cm. – ø 140 cm., slide roller coaster, watergames, solar showers, hydromassage tubs, soft waterslides, pool’s equipment, interactive water games, fantasy castles, piles of surprises, pleasure island for children, wave pools, [...]

Sporturf – Fadini Impianti srl

type of activity: construction “turnkey” of sports flooring and roofing, fencing and halogen and LED lighting. Removable and fixed covers, structures in laminated wood or steel, air supported structures and padel fields. Sports and decorative artificial grass, clay surfaces, acrylic resins, porous concrete, PVC, polyurethane. [...]

Sartori srl

Sartori deal with the construction and maintenance of turn key sports facilities. Athletic tracks, gyms, soccer and five-a-side soccer fields, bowls rinks; volley-ball, basket-ball and tennis courts. Wood strips roofings, green areas and urban furnishing.

Mapei spa

The Mapei Group, with 90 subsidiaries in 57 countries, and 83 plants in 36 different countries, is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemical products for the building industry and has contributed to the construction of some of the most important architectural and infrastructural works worldwide. For more than 40 years, Mapei has...

Ceta spa

CETA offers a wide range of metal prefabricated grandstands and modular telescopic grandstands, different models of plastic seats, polypropylene or padded folding chairs, stages and platforms for shows, covers for grandstands and stage covers, metal barriers. Prefabricated modular stands in hot-dip galvanised steel with CETA patented [...]

Sibelco Italia spa

Sibelco Italia produces, processes and markets a wide range of silica sands with optimal chemical and particle size specifications, used in various sports sectors. Below is an overview of our products and their applications in different types of sports surfaces: • TURFSIL Artificial: our range of filler sands, dried and coarse, specific for [...]

SAMA srl

SAMA Srl is a leading company in the construction of sports facilities: natural grass football pitches, synthetic grass football pitches, athletics tracks, five-a-side football pitches, tennis, basketball, volleyball, rugby, handball, polyvalent, bowls, skating rinks, all in compliance with federal regulations. Prefabricated grandstands, cycle [...]

Architetto Paolo Pettene & Partners

Architetto Paolo Pettene & Partners deals with specialist design in sports facilities and centers of aquatics and wellness-spa, technical-managerial and procedural consultancy with professional “global service” for public and private clients. The technical-organizational structure consists of architects, engineers, technical [...]

Vaneton srl

Vaneton deals with construction of indoor and outdoor sports floors: parquet, linoleum and pvc; synthetic grass; resins and castings in situ; anti-trauma floors. Sanding and tracing. Solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, gyms and changing rooms. SOA categories: OG 1 / OS 6 / OS 7