OMSI 1961-2021: sixty years of quality

This year we celebrate the first 60th anniversary of OMSI, worldwide leader in the production and installation of plastic seating for sports facilities, schools and collective spaces.

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Seats of the Oreste Granillo stadium in Reggio Calabria.


OMSI was born in Bologna in 1961 on the initiative of three partners; plastic toy molds were initially made. From 1967, with the purchase of the first manual injection molding machine, production turned to the creation of plastic seats: the first self-made mold was the D5 polypropylene seat with metal legs.
In the following decades, production diversified with the introduction of new molding machinery and the creation of innovative products such as plastic garden furniture items.
In the nineties, with the approach of the World Football Championships, organized in Italy, OMSI created the first seat for sports facilities, the M90 ​​model then installed at the Renato Dall’Ara Stadium in Bologna, at the Tardini in Parma and at the Sant’Elia of Cagliari. Since then, OMSI began to concentrate its investments in the industrial production of seats for the sports world, which thus became the company’s core business.

OMSI today

OMSI stands out on the national and international market for the high quality of its products, made in compliance with the eco-sustainable connotation that characterizes the whole Ivars Group and for the reliability of its work team; requirements that have also allowed it to develop an effective collaboration with the world-famous design house, Pininfarina.
Even in 2020, despite all the limits deriving from the international pandemic emergency, OMSI has in fact carried out three noteworthy works: in Bergamo, in Casablanca, and in Reggio Calabria.

At the Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo, OMSI oversaw the second part of the renovation of the Giulio Cesare Tribune, now the Renaissance stand, and of the Morosini curve, where a total of 7,700 seats were installed including monocoque M2010 model, folding model M2016, extra luxury armchairs in the sky box area, Pininfarina signed Leonardo Silver model, and a hundred new press stations. These interventions made it possible to homologate the facility to host the UEFA Champions League matches.

The second work took place in Morocco, at the Larbi Zaouli Stadium, a multifunctional sports facility located in the Hay Mohammadi district in Casablanca, where OMSI has installed about 17,000 new seats such M2000 model monocoque, M2012 model tippers, as well as about 50 seats for the press and about a hundred extra luxury armchairs for the Leonardo Gold model VVIP area, also branded Pininfarina.

Finally, the completion of the Oreste Granillo stadium in Reggio Calabria, where work began in 2019 with the replacement of all the seats on the east steps, with the installation of 8,600 amaranth and white monocoque M2008 models.
In July 2020 with the promotion of Reggina to Serie B, important improvements were made to the system, adapting it to the current regulations of the category.
The works involved the north curve, the south curve and the guest sector, where about 10,000 new M2008 model seats were installed.

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