Lynchburg, Virginia (USA): University Athletics Center

Liberty University’s new 60,000-square-foot Liberty Athletics Center (LAC) integrates academic study areas with state-of-the-art rehabilitation, strength and conditioning facilities, academic and administrative offices, equipment room, refueling station for student-athletes.

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The building, situated behind Osborne Stadium and the Matthes-Hopkins Track Complex near the Liberty Baseball Stadium, held its grand opening on Nov. 3, 2017. Approximately one-third of the space is reserved for academic offices, tutoring centers, a classroom and numerous academic enhancement areas.
Designed to be the central hub for Liberty Athletics, the facility includes an Olympic sports weight room and an athletics training facility for short- and long-term rehabilitation of Liberty’s NCAA Division I student-athletes. The three-story building also houses an equipment room to service Liberty’s Olympic sports and a prominent refueling station located in the building’s main entrance for use by Liberty’s Sports Nutrition staff.

The second floor houses administrative offices for Liberty’s Director of Athletics, Athletics Administration, Athletics Communications, Athletics Compliance, Athletics Marketing, Athletics Broadcasting and Video Services and Internal Operations.
The location — at the heart of Liberty’s athletics corridor — will make it easily accessible for all student-athletes.
Architects created a modern design similar to other new buildings on campus, with innovative integration. The terraced, three-story structure was built into the existing hillside, with its architecture curving along with the bank of the track.