Pordenone – Functional restoration of the athletics track

The athletics sports facility dedicated to the memory of “Mario Agosti”, type B approved, consists of a 400 m track with 6 lanes, with an internal lane for the 3,000 hedges, two platforms for high jump, two platforms for long jump / triple jump, a platform for pole vaulting, as well as various platforms for launching.

Since it is no longer possible to maintain the homologation with simple interventions of extraordinary maintenance, it was decided to intervene with a project that, maintaining unchanged the dimensions and the geometries of the track and the jump areas already homologated, could redevelop the track and field facility in the open air.
The recovery of the sports surface was carried out by replacing the cast-in-place substrate with a prefabricated SBR rubber mattress with superior technical and mechanical characteristics, thus guaranteeing constant and uniform thickness of the substrate.