Trento: Indoor athletics track at “Covi e Postal” training venue

The indoor track and field training facility opened in Trento at Covi e Postal, in addition to the outdoor track that was renovated four years ago.

Also published in: Tsport 357

The facility that was opened at the beginning of 2024 to complement the school field Covi e Postal in Trento is an indoor athletics track, for various athletics disciplines.

The activity areas are located on the second floor, where a large unified space houses a 60 m straight and all the different jumping disciplines (high, long, triple and pole vaulting), and on the ground floor, where a double-height hall will allow, albeit without the possibility of a run-up, the disciplines for throwing equipment (javelin, pole and hammer).

Changing rooms, toilets and storage areas finally complete the structure in order to make it completely independent of the existing facility.

The second floor of the building is entirely paved with a 13 mm sports surface for athletics, similar to that of the adjacent outdoor track, but in the classic red colour. 

Its seamless surface of the indoor athletics track in Trento consists of a solid polyurethane layer with high-quality EPDM granules broadcast into it.

This makes the running track surface fast with good grip values. The prefabricated elastic layer is rolled out on site and bonded to the substrate. The special material composition guarantees uniform force reduction over the entire running track.