Zogno (Bergamo) – Functional upgrading of the soccer field and athletics facilities

As part of the development and upgrading of sports facilities, taking advantage of the possibility offered by the co-financing made available by the Lombardy Region, was completed the renovation of the soccer and athletic facilities of the Municipal Sports Centre of Camanghè, also in use adjacent to the provincial school complex.

Also published in: Tsport 323

The multi-purpose sports facility, even if fully used by the citizens, by the municipal and valley sports associations, as well as by the students of the nearby high school, now had localized maintenance anomalies due to both age and climatic cycles of frost and thaw. The athletics track, in fact, was heavily damaged by breaks, cracks, depressions and holes in the resinous mantle, which had also allowed the development of weed vegetation, aggravated by the deterioration of the boundary kerbs and the platforms of the jumps.

In short, the simple maintenance of the surface layers by “retopping” would not have been sufficient and therefore it was decided to almost completely rebuild the surfaces, the underlying structures, the containment and sports flooring, as well as the areas equipped for the launches and jumps, all in accordance with the technical provisions and guidelines of the Federation of Athletics for obtaining the approval of races at regional and national level, through the installation of a cast-in-place surface finish performed with manual sowing of EPDM colored rubber granules.

The work on the 11-a-side football pitch, inside the athletics track, consisted in replacing the natural grass surface with a new synthetic grass turf, after the creation of the underlays, the vertical drainage of the water and the improvement of the irrigation system.
The facility is completed with the realization of the night lighting system on 4 tower-lights with LED projectors.