Shin Rin Spa at Silo Ridge Field Club, NY

Studio Apostoli has designed Shin Rin SPA, the refined wellness center of Silo Ridge Field Club, exclusive resort in the Hudson Valley, near New York City.

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A luxury wellness center, Shin Rin SPA, has been designed by Studio Apostoli for the exclusive Silo Ridge Field Club, an exclusive 850-acre resort in the Hudson Valley, two hours from New York City, part of the international Discovery Land Company.

With approximately 300 residences for members only, the valley’s preserved landscape is a perfect place to rediscover nature and physical and spiritual wellness. It also offers a range of recreation and sporting activities.

The Club was designed to be an exclusive destination with a continuously evolving offering, which is why Studio Apostoli was entrusted with designing the new Shin Rin SPA – the avant-garde wellness center that maintains the philosophy of the Club.

Shin Rin SPA consists of different stilted structures, organized not in a single agglomerate but distributed in a fluid, organic manner: they are “light” architectures, with large windows and glass partitions that enhance and encourage contact with nature.

The interior design is contemporary and streamlined, customized by the use of natural materials and warm lighting, the result of the combination of specific light sources or fixtures with soft emissions, to personalize the rooms. 

The layout of Shin Rin SPA designed by Alberto Apostoli is divided into two main macro-areas: wellness and fitness, both of which include simultaneous indoor and outdoor spaces to optimize the connection with the landscape and the park.

The wellness area includes a men’s and women’s SPA, equipped with wet treatments such as hammams, glazed saunas overlooking the valley, and sensory showers, together with different types of pools and relaxation areas.

There are nine treatment cabins, of which five are outdoor, that are used for a wide variety of treatments, ranging from oriental medicine and traditional medicine to massage and even meditation in the special meditation cabin surrounded by greenery.

Fitness facilities, on the other hand, are categorized into four different buildings: a gymnasium, a yoga pavilion, a Movement Studio dedicated to the care and respect of the entire body, and a service area with changing facilities. 

Now at the end of the design phase, Shin Rin SPA is expected to add to the club’s support of an American wellness culture that embraces diverse disciplines and cultures, in harmony with nature.