Donnas (Aosta): Retopping of the athletics track at the Crestella Stadium

A coat over 15 years old was no longer compatible with competitive activity: the plant was therefore renewed with a general retopping operation, adopting the most recent semi-prefabricated system with a finish in blue EPDM granules.

Also published in: Tsport 331

The mayors of Donnas and Pont-Saint-Martin last October 12 cut the ribbon of the Crestella facility, owned by the two municipalities, which has been refurbished after a significant redevelopment, and which, given the satisfaction of technicians and athletes, will now be able to host high level events again. The track, built over 15 years ago, although well anchored to the ground, had surface irregularities that made it necessary to renew it.

The new surface was then laid on top of the existing layers of material after levelling them.
In particular, this solution involves the use of a rubber mat produced directly in factory, being the lower layer of the finished covering package (ensuring thickness, density, elastic force, elongation, energy absorption, vertical deformation, nail resistance and abrasion perfectly constant at every point of the floor), followed by a surface finish made in liquid form with manual sowing of EPDM granules allowing, therefore, to give a final surface without vertical joints and therefore homogeneous and uniform.

During the realization of the works the thickness of the mattress has been increased from 7 mm to 10 mm, while the finishing layer has a nominal thickness of 3 mm.
The intervention has been extended to all the platforms, and in addition to the markings, it has been completed with the aluminium edging and the regulatory signage.
On this occasion, works were also carried out on the sports facility in order to improve its future maintenance and to satisfy some requests made by the athletes.