Renovation and extension of the Mirandola swimming centre

With the modernization of the municipal swimming pools, a large area has been set up dedicated to swimming and relaxation in all its aspects, with an optimization of functions and overall management.

Also published in: Tsport 329

The building was built at the end of the 1960s and housed two indoor swimming pools with their services, a gymnasium and a physiotherapy centre. Outside there is a summer swimming facility with two pools and a large equipped park.

The project has intervened punctually modifying the structure, but leaving unchanged entire portions of the facility. Mainly the main pool has been redeveloped, overlapping it with a new reservoir, and the small pool has been remodelled.
A new volume has been created to extend the service related to rehabilitation and physiotherapy, with a small dedicated pool.

The outdoor area is composed of several functional spaces: the sports area with basketball court and double beach volleyball court; the swimming pool with adjacent solarium; the summer camps area; the wooden canopy; the dry play area; the outdoor dining area. Around the former 50 m pool, the solarium area is divided into sectors. Inside and on the existing 25×50 m pool, peninsulas, extruded volumes and inlets have been modelled.
In all the internal and external spaces, the flooring, which is now in non-slip grey stoneware, has been replaced or extended.