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C.M.T. Costruzione Macchine Termotecniche Srl

via Santa Maria, 180 - 20015 Parabiago (MI)
(+39) 0331 588 737     (+39) 0331 584 293    
Contact: Stefano Marzorati - Laura Petraviciute    

CMT Clima is an Italian company founded in 1976, a leading manufacturer of condensing air heaters for the sports sector.
The company offers energy-efficient and economically sustainable solutions for heating and air conditioning of buildings and textile architecture.
The new XP Sport series condensing hot air generators boast an important patent, they heat efficiently, have low noise emissions and high efficiency values (93 + 2 Log Pn – Low Nox Class 5 – CO 0 ppm), are compact, ensure the correct air exchange to guarantee comfort, quality and safety in every indoor environment, and represent the high energy performance evolution of direct exchange heating systems.
They are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technologies integrating solid know-how, with the aim of combining maximum environmental comfort with minimum energy expenditure (eco-sustainable energy).
We design and manufacture direct exchange heat generators for all fields of application, from climatic comfort to industrial processes.

High sector specialization

The approach of CMT is oriented towards maximum interaction with the customer and a high product customisation.
A constant research and development activity aimed at achievable with minimum environmental impact. environmental impact.


Interlocutors reliable partners who translate needs into advanced solutions.
30.000 units installed in over 40 countries.