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F.lli Anastasi Srl

Zona Artigianale loc. Pontegallo - 98049 Villafranca Tirrena (Me) - Italy
(+39) 090 332095 r.a.     (+39) 090 332088    
Contact: Giuseppe Anastasi, Nunzio Anastasi    


Bellavista, Bari - F.lli Anastasi

Canicattini Bagni (SR) - F.lli Anastasi

The company was founded in 1978 by brothers Giuseppe and Nunzio Anastasi. They specialise in the application of synthetic turf with LND approved systems and, above all, sports turf for athletics tracks. Accredited with the FIDAL as one of the best constructors at national level, they have built over 60 athletics tracks, often including substructures and complementary works. F.lli Anastasi also specialises in the production of equipment for sports facilities.