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Freetness Italia of Massimo Di Grigoli

via Campania, 35 - 92022 Cammarata (AG)
(+39) 329 6520654    
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Ninja Fitness Outdoor by Freetness

Dama Pro Fitness Outdoor by Freetness

Freetness Italia designs, produces and distributes outdoor fitness equipment. Its products can be purchased individually or as personalized itineraries by our experts for each individual customer.

The winning feature of the company is the variety of tools. Thanks to the continuous Research and Development, the company offers a series of product lines that meet any needs, from the Piston Line for the most experienced to the Fitness Line for the most sedentary, with lines accessible for people with reduced mobility.
In addition, the company offers alternative and fun ways to train: the Ninja path, the fighter’s path (which follows a military path), or even the Gamma Fight Club, suitable for martial arts enthusiasts, are an example.

Charge your phone while exsercising

A uniqueness of Freetness Italia outdoor fitness equipment is the line with magnetic resistance, which regulates the exercise diffficulty, and allows you to recharge your smartphone thanks to human work.

What distinguishes the company is the attention to safety, ensuring rounded corners and anti-crushing systems to its products.
All of the equipment comply with EN16630, XP S52-904, PPP55012, and is guaranteed for 10 years.

Users will be guided in their exercises by the instruction panels and the free mobile application.

Each customer will be accompanied with care in all stages of purchase.