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J+S Srl

via dei Mestieri, 13 -20863 Concorezzo (Monza Brianza)
(+39) 039 688 6381     (+39) 039 688 6380    
Contact: Federico Pella    

J+S is an architecture and engineering company with almost 30 years of expertise internationally. The team of over 60 professionals is in charge to develop and manage complex projects, particularly in the fields of urban leisure and infrastructure.
Many years of expertise in integrated design and work management, along with the synergy between the different business units (architecture, hydraulics and infrastructure), emphasize all projects in which innovation, sustainability and design become the protagonists.

J+S has been operating for several years with BIM system and since June 2020 it has obtained the certification for 3 BIM Managers, 2 BIM Coordinators and 5 BIM Specialists.