Merate (Lecco), Extension of the sports centre with new pools and fitness areas

With the further expansion of recent months, the sports center offers four indoor pools for swimming in addition to two outdoor pools operating in summer: all side by side with spaces for fitness and wellness, around the multi-purpose sports building born in 1984.

Also published in: Tsport 320

The criteria that inspired the new architectural layout by the functional point of view, the expansion and the realization of individual technical and performance services, have focused on the desire to adapt the existing volume become obsolete and visually worn by time, creating a new building envelope as unitary, functional, flexible as possible.  At the same time, the aim was to offer a wide range of opportunities to users who are passionate about swimming, sports and recreation and to families with children, even small ones, through an environment that was objectively perceived as healthy, comfortable and safe, guaranteeing multiple activities in different seasons and respecting the interests and passions of the various users.

Intervening on the existing building, the new functions occupy part of the existing spaces that are radically transformed, and in part are installed in three new buildings adjacent to the existing ones and placed one to the north (new changing rooms for the sports hall), one to the east (the two new indoor swimming pools) and one to the south (the new entrance, with offices, bar, gym for fitness and free body and a spa), characterised by a particular use of colour in exterior finishes, both for plasters and translucent polycarbonate.