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Società Agricola Master Green s.s.

Strada Provinciale 164 Km 0+500 lato dx - 20085 Locate di Triulzi (MI)
(+39) 02 90780015     (+39) 335 6584999 - (+39) 335 6585299    
Contact: Massimiliano Marini - Sandro Ferrari    


Master Green: Grass and Big Roll production

Master Green produces turf and lawns for gardens, soccer fields, golf courses, exhibitions and green furniture. The success that has distinguished the company since 1997 is the result of a constant commitment started on golf courses.

Manufacturer of Big Roll rolls, Master Green collaborates with leaders in sports and football.
Among our lawns we have quality and combinations of: Perennial ryegrass and Poa Pratense, Festuca Arundinacea, Fetusca Rubra, Agrostide and Bermuda Grass.
Specialized also in the supply of reinforced grass, mixed natural-synthetic.

Master Green is the official supplier of Meazza San Siro Stadium in Milan since 2007 and Luigi Ferraris Stadium in Genoa.
There are also many prestigious Golf Clubs that are supplied by the company, including Golf Club Monticello, Golf Le Rovedine, Golf Club Tolcinasco, Golf Club Varese, Golf Club Milano…