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Plastifil Recinzioni Srl

Via Mandolossa, 77/79 - 25064 Gussago (BS)
(+39) 030 2529286 - (+39) 030 2529276     (+39) 030 2529357    
Contact: Aldo Colombo    

Type of activity: Plastifil Recinzioni is one of the most advanced companies in the production and marketing of fence systems. Always sensitive and focused on innovation, it is constantly looking for new solutions, to easily adapt to the needs.

The product range includes fencing systems for all types of applications, civil, industrial, urban, sports and agricultural, military and motorway.
All systems are compliant with the most stringent standards in terms of strength, safety and design. The products are guaranteed to be to the highest quality.

Plastifil Recinzioni offers all types of electrowelded and rhomboidal mesh, electrowelded-galvanized and plastic-coated panels, galvanized gratings, pedestrian and driveway grids, iron gates, “T” shaped iron poles and round and square tubular poles, tapered poles for lighting.

Plastifil Recinzioni Sports Fences

Sports fences complete the range of products offered:
– fences for sports facilities according to UNI EN 13200/3, fixed sports fences and mobile sports fences such as Jersey Sport
– sliding gates on rails or suspended self-supporting sports gates, swing gates, automated or manual, made to measure

Plastifil’s sports fences are adaptable to all proposed sports fences.