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TECO+ Partners S.T.P. Srl

Viale Aldo Moro, 64 - 40127 Bologna
(+39) 051 352 493     (+39) 051 379 161    
Contact: ing. Carlo Rotellini (socio legale rappresentante)    

TECO+ Partners S.T.P. Srl is a Societa Tra Professionisti (professional association of engineers and architects) established in January 2022 by the conferment into it of TECO+ Studio Tecnico Associato, a professional association of engineers and architects in activity since 1989. The firm’s activity extends to the civil construction and public works sectors, with particular specialization in the field of sports facilities (sports halls, swimming pools, gyms, stadiums), university residential construction, protected residential construction, of school building and urban planning. These projects are developed by Professionals with a know-how at the base of which are the problems of sustainable and eco-compatible design for the development of the culture of social well-being, bringing about an improvement in the quality of life and environmental requalification.

Teco+ believes that the presence within the studio of professionals specialized in the various disciplines who contribute to the success of a contemporary architectural project is fundamental for the management of complex projects. Architects, construction engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, energy and sustainability experts, safety professionals, work together with the aim of finding that complex synthesis between disciplines, necessary for the functioning of the building machine. This integrated approach to the development of the works allows the search for solutions that are characterized by accurate design, the search for innovative technological solutions, respect for the environment and the landscape and attention to energy saving.

BIM design

In recent years, this complex working synergy has found its tool of choice in BIM Design, which the studio has implemented globally in all its sectors, with a multidisciplinary approach to the 3D model capable of guaranteeing better efficiency in the project and of construction site.