Bio Surface, the innovative artificial turf by Sofisport

BIO Surface is Sofisport’s innovative system. An artificial carpet that meets all the modern needs of professional / amateur football and other sports.

Also published in: Tsport 341
Lecco, Rigamonti-Ceppi Stadium.

It is an artificial turf homologated and certified by FIGC/LND, called Bio Surface by Sofisport, Green Back, produced in sheets of 4,05 m width and variable length depending on the size of the field, made of a special fibre with a particular Omega shape, able to guarantee remarkable resistance, resilience and durability.

The special omega structure, with a monofilament strip as wide as 1.60 mm, provides extraordinary density and high coverage of the turf. Finally, thanks to its particular conformation, it retains a degree of moisture inside that guarantees excellent playing comfort.

The special polymers of which the fibre is composed significantly reduce the coefficients of abrasion and light refraction, as well as ensuring, after walking, a constant return of the fibre, guaranteeing optimal ball rolling during passages.

(News by Sofisport srl)