BSW’s latest works in Italy: Chieri and Milan

Two long-awaited surfaces for athletics have been completed and will soon be tested: the renovation of the outdoor track in Chieri (Turin) and the new indoor short track in the XXV centre in Milan: both with Regupol® turf.

Also published in: Tsport 327

The San Silvestro Sports Centre in Chieri, equipped with facilities for various sports, has finally completed the renovation of the athletics track that runs around the football field, which has been maintenance-free for over 25 years. The covering is made by BSW with the now famous Regupol®, the type of surface, with the characteristic granulated finish, which has been used for example in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, home of the European Athletics Championships 2018.

In the meantime, important innovations are also coming to Milan, at the historic XXV Aprile field: finally, the construction of the 60-metre indoor track has been completed, built in place of the old grandstands on the outdoor field.
The project includes, within the large environment intended for competitive activities and more than 10 meters wide, the track from 60 meters and the area for high jump. An accessory volume houses the areas for other types of jumping. The indoor surface is almost identical to the outdoor surface, consisting of a Regupol® elastic layer with a polyurethane EPDM wear layer, offering ideal environmental conditions for all running and jumping disciplines.