Corus and Lumosa, a meeting about lightning efficiency

The partnership between Corus and Lumosa consolidates the goals of energy saving, efficiency and innovation in lighting.

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The first meeting between Corus and Lumosa – a Dutch company based in Eindhoven – dates back to 2019, when the synergy between the two family companies, which are both active in the lighting sector, was realized with the foundation of Lumosa Italia, of which Carlo Bonalumi (also CEO of Corus) is CEO.

Last April, Lumosa’s International Sales Meeting was held at the Bergamo Congress Centre, which after the plenary meeting moved on to a workshop at the Corus headquarters in Curno.

This is the first time the Eindhoven-based company has organized a sales force meeting outside the Netherlands: welcomed by Corus CEO Davide Bonalumi, guests from all over the world – from European countries and as far as New Zealand – arrived in Bergamo.

Corus and Lumosa: lighting and sustainability

Corus, one of the first companies in Italy to obtain E.G.E. (Experts in Energy Management) certification, is now one of the most important companies in Italy in the field of energy redevelopment.

With relamping and efficiency improvement projects in particular in the field of sports facilities, it has started an active collaboration with Lumosa.

Lumosa was born in 2006 from an idea of Henk Mass, a technical engineer who worked in the field of lighting driver development for big brands, and since 2010 has been launching the brand with a wide range of lighting systems and developing the LumosaTouch remote control system.

His wife and daughter also work with Henk Mass, so that Lumosa’s aim is to export the family-run approach of the business to other European holdings: in addition to Italy, Germany, France, UK, Spain.

Lumosa products are designed in-house, thanks to a comprehensive knowledge of the global market including lighting, software, product. With the advantage of being fully integrable, they stand out from competitor products.

They are also easy to install: Lumosa has developed a special application that allows its products to be used in existing installations.

Corus, in line with market trends, aims to make every installation digitally connected and remotely manageable, guaranteeing the search for the most innovative and high-performance technology the market has to offer; the partnership with Lumosa can only consolidate these objectives in favour of energy saving and efficiency of the installations.

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