Elegance and safety in the grandstand: Ninfa Stadio glass parapets by Faraone

Spectator safety in sports facilities is of paramount importance. Grandstand parapets play a crucial role in ensuring the protection of fans without compromising the viewing experience. In this article, we examine the importance of these elements, with a special focus on Faraone’s NINFA STADIO glass parapets.

Roland Garros, Paris.

Safety in Focus: grandstand parapets are designed primarily to ensure the protection of spectators, preventing falls during sporting events and shows. Their robustness and compliance with safety regulations are essential to avoid serious accidents.

Regulatory Compliance: Parapets must comply with strict safety and construction regulations. These regulations establish heights, spacing and resistance to loads. Compliance with these regulations is imperative.

Technological Innovation: Technology is influencing the evolution of grandstand parapets. In addition to the frontal parapet, Faraone now offers glass partitions with heights of up to 3 metres, for total safety and the elimination of visual barriers!

Faraone’s NINFA STADIO glass parapets

Faraone‘s systems offer excellence in terms of performance and design in sports facilities:

– Elegance and Transparency: Thanks to the tempered glass, they offer a clear view of the action on the pitch from every angle, allowing the audience to fully enjoy the spectacle. The aesthetics are of a high standard, creating an enthralling atmosphere in stadiums.

– First Class Safety: Despite their visual lightness, these parapets are designed to pass all tests with a strength of up to 1000 kg/m.

– Customisation and Creative Design: They offer extensive customisation possibilities to integrate with the stadium architecture.

– Integrated Technology: They can include LED lighting systems and information screens. further enhancing the spectator experience.

Faraone’s Commitment

Faraone is a leader in innovation and promotes high quality standards. They published the first Italian manual on glass railings for sports facilities, distributing over 16,000 copies.

Flavio Faraone, CEO of Faraone.it, emphasises: “We are all aware of the current state of sports facilities, and Faraone is at the forefront of their renovation. Roberto Volpe, CMO of Faraone, adds: “We have studied the English model and are in full agreement with the concept. Bringing spectators closer to the pitch and offering them maximum visibility are two key points!”

National Stadium, Tirana.

In addition, Faraone is actively involved in the Sports Facilities Association (AIS) and promotes the culture of good design through active participation in training webinars. In 2023, 6 webinar events were successfully organised in cooperation with AIS (Associazione Impianti Sportivi) and Sport & Impianti, aimed at planners, managers and municipalities. These events are crucial tools for sharing knowledge and improving the design and management of sports facilities.

Thanks to the constant dialogue between Faraone staff, contractors, installers and designers involved, the Ninfa Stadio glass parapet has been successfully installed in numerous prestigious facilities, demonstrating the trust that institutions and sports venues place in Faraone products. Among the facilities in which Ninfa Stadio parapets have been successfully installed are Roland Garros in Paris, the New National Stadium in Tirana, the Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo, the Juventus Sports Centre in Continassa, the Mugello Circuit, the Friuli Stadium in Udine, the Stadio Nereo Rocco in Trieste, the Piscina Felice Scandone in Naples, the Stadio Pino Zaccheria in Foggia, the Stadio Paolo Mazza in Ferrara, the Stadio Gran Sasso d’Italia in L’Aquila and the Palazzetto in Maniago, confirming the reliability and quality of Faraone products.

In an evolving industry, Faraone is a benchmark for safety and aesthetics in stadiums around the world.

(News by Faraone Srl)