Engo, expert for ice arena equipment

With forty years of experience, Engo is a reliable partner and supplier of high quality equipment for ice arenas around the world.

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Engo ice surfacing machines: Ice Wolf and Ice Tiger.

Engo develops and manufactures various types of ice resurfacing machines of different sizes, all powered by an electric, quiet and environmentally friendly motor.

Among the range of dasher boards is the flexible model “FlexBoard PPS” which complies with the rules of IIHF and is characterised by its structure able to absorb the load caused by the impact of a player, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Accessories for ice arenas include electronic scoreboards, hockey goals and specific chairs.


State-of-the-art technology

Engo sets the standard for products in terms of user safety, innovative technology and ease of use of operating systems.

In 1998 and 2002 it invented and patented two revolutionary ice maintenance systems that help reduce operator effort and the risk of injury. It also offers a series of useful and innovative components, compatible with all models, to transform the machine into a unique and customised tool.

Engo doesn’t stop at being a supplier, but also wants to be a reliable partner: that’s why it offers a complete service, from planning to technical assistance and after-sales service.

Olympic experience

In the past Engo has already twice supplied equipment for the Winter Olympics.

In 2018 it supplied the protective cushions for the PyeongChang Olympic Games. The cushions supplied to the city of Gangneung have successfully protected athletes in the short track, speed skating and figure skating disciplines.

In 2006 Engo supplied 6 dasher boards for the XX Winter Games in Turin; the “engospond olympic” type dasher boards were installed in several ice arenas: the Tazzoli Ice Stadium (Hockey), the Pinerolo Olympic Stadium (Curling), the Torre Pellice Olympic Ice Stadium (Hockey) and the Palaolimpico (Hockey).

La macchina rasaghiaccio Ice Wolf.
The ice resurfacing machine Ice Wolf.

Engo is part of the TechnoAlpin group with headquarters in Italy, which, among other things, supplied snow guns for the Olympic Games in Korea and Sochi. The merger of the two companies in 2018 has opened up countless possibilities and synergies for the future, such as involvement in the 2020 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

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