Gammasport, a reference for sports equipment since 35 years

Last September, the renovation of the sports hall in Serravalle Pistoiese, in the hamlet of Casalguidi, was completed. The functional upgrading of the sports facility, intended for volleyball, basketball, and five-a-side football, was completed with the provision of equipment and furnishings by Gammasport.

For the renovation of the venue, in addition to the basketball facilities and various furnishings, a five-row 33-metre grandstand was installed along one side of the gymnasium, as well as a barrier separating spectators from the playing area.

For the game of five-a-side football, new federally compliant anti-tilt goals were provided, manufactured by Gammasport, which has the use in Italy of the relevant patent from a Spanish company.

Gammasport past and present

Founded in 1988 by Mr. Sante Zanardo, GAMMASPORT has been, for more than 30 years, a reference for sports equipment in Italy and abroad.

Committment and competence combined with passion and enthusiasm are the strong points of a constantly changing reality, in steady collaboration with customers and suppliers to develop solutions and custom products.

The entire production cycle inside the company guarantees schedule flexibility, monitoring processing stages and product control according to the procedures provided by the certifications.

The commercial dept. and the whole of Gammasport team will be at customer’s disposal, with professionalism and efficiency, in order to reply to every requests.

Gammasport will suggest you the most suitable solutions and inform about the relevant legislation, it will offer you the most complete after-sales service and plan maintainance work and control.

The internal mechanical and painting workshop ensures a custom-made production according to shapes and colours requested.

A large warehouse offers a great deal of prompt delivery standard and semi-finished products ready to be assembled for fast evasions of orders.

The in-house technical and planning department allows flexibility and feasibility studies in the implementation of projects for specific installation with functional equipment, improving procedures adapted to each single need.

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