HERBATECH: Science, Solutions, Results for perfect lawns.

It might look like the title of a fairy tale, or even a fantasy movie…

On the contrary, this is the mission of an Italian company, Herbatech, that renews its goal every year worldwide: it proposes to professional groundsmen of football pitches, and not only, fertilizers, seeds, biosimulants, amendments, line marking paints that are real advanced maintenance solutions, that guarantee secure and exciting results.

Science, Solutions and Results are the three keywords that, like a real mantra, for more than 25 years have led Herbatech’s activity in the world of natural sport fields. The corporate name, deriving from the Latin “Herba“, grass, and from Greek “Technè“, know how to do, reveals its identity.

Lo stadio Nereo Rocco di Trieste.

Products and solutions

As every year, 2020 for Herbatech begins in the name of innovation with the inclusion in the catalogue of three new products, the result of the latest scientific research on the use of biochar in soil improvement: the fertilizers Bioturbo and Biomulti with collagen and biochar and the zeolite amendment Zeobiome, made of zeolite and biochar  enriched with mychorrizas and bacteria.

In the Herbafer line of turf supplements, in the area of foliar fertilizers with biostimulants you find Resurrection, the photosynthesis optimizer with melatonin and UV reflective pigment that increases the quality of the grass in areas with low availability of light (football stadiums), improving photosynthetic efficiency. By increasing the plant production of cellulose and lignin, Resurrection helps in the prevention of diseases (particularly Dollar Spot) and allows an intense use of high-wear lawns such as football fields.

Tracciatore Linemark.

In order to solve the drainage problems of football fields, Herbatech proposes Holywater, a new soil penetrant with calcium that speeds up the infiltration of water throughout the roots zone profile. Holywater is the best solution for compacted playgrounds with thatch, where the water tends to stagnate on surface.

Finally, this year Herbatech is renewing the joint venture with Linemark Int, a leading Danish company in the market of the paint and line marking machines, for the natural grass fields, hybrid pitches and artificial turf. Linemark extraordinary paints are ideal to mark lines in all weather conditions; ready-to-use, they guarantee high durability and extraordinary visibility. Linemark catalogue includes special paints for artificial turf pitches, which allow you to draw new field without inlay the lines of different colors.