Husqvarna innovative solutions for all green spaces

CEORA™ and Automower® robot mowers deliver excellent results on lawns of all kinds. An extra opportunity for sports grounds managers.

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Autonomous cutting solutions are the perfect addition to any grounds care company’s fleet. Husqvarna, the Swedish leader in lawn and garden care equipment, has a wide range for every type of turf, from the smallest lawns to multiple sports fields. CEORA™ and Automower® robot mowers provide excellent results on a variety of lawns, while the latest models offer even more flexible cutting possibilities thanks to Husqvarna EPOS™ satellite navigation with virtual perimeter. And while they spend their days tirelessly producing quality turf, you can devote your time and that of your employees to other more profitable tasks.

Sports fields: a sustainable win for clubs

A sports field, be it football or athletics, is often and heavily used, which is why turf requires more care. Maintenance is often difficult and the need to fertilise, water and meticulously care for it can be both costly and time-consuming. Husqvarna’s stand-alone solutions work according to a schedule that each operator can, independently, choose and change, so as not to interfere with ongoing operations.

They cut the grass every day or night, generating small compost residues that do not need to be collected. The clippings serve, not least, as a natural fertiliser that strengthens the lawn.

Husqvarna CEORA™: a revolution in the care of large green spaces

Also introduced to the Italian market, CEORA™ represents an important innovation for sports clubs and green space professionals in general. It is a modular system that offers an economic and sustainable solution with exceptional performance and reliability. CEORA™ systematically mows larger spaces with excellent results and uses Husqvarna’s EPOS™ technology to create a virtual perimeter for safe and trouble-free aeration.

Husqvarna CEORA™ 546 EPOS™ + RZ 43M + CS4 (CEORA™ configuration equipped with CEORA™ 546 EPOS drive unit, RZ 43M cutting deck and CS4 charging station)
Working area capacity: 75,000 m² – Maximum inclination within the working area: 20 %.

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER®: unbeatable results on green spaces and slopes

Husqvarna’s line of professional robots can handle complex areas and offer market leading performance on hilly terrain as well as excellent cutting performance and flexibility in a variety of applications.

Examples are football fields, convention and hotel facilities or parks. In addition to consistently producing perfectly cut lawns, Husqvarna Automower robotic mowers improve the overall quality of the grass and contribute to a stronger and thicker grass.

Husqvarna Automower® 550
Working area capacity: 5,000 m² – Maximum inclination within the working area: 45%.

Seasonal timer: The faster the grass grows, the more often it is cut.

It is on this principle that the Automower® robot mower does not stop working even when the grass is wet. In fact, thanks to the built-in seasonal timer, it cuts more often after rain, when the grass grows faster than during periods of less intense rainfall, to ensure perfect results regardless of the weather.

Safety and protection features

Pivoting blades that fold back instantly in the event of a collision with an obstacle, positioned at a safe distance from the outer edge, are one of the key features that distinguish the industry-leading robot mowers. Lift, tilt, collision and ultrasonic sensors to stop the machine before any danger, are others, all of which are especially useful in professional environments where any downtime could result in greater inconvenience.  Every Automower® robot mower is equipped with numerous safety features. The professional user interface also protects against unauthorised tampering and, in case of theft, the mower is immediately locked and rendered inoperable, the alarm is activated and the integrated GPS allows to locate its position.

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