Legnolandia playgrounds equipment and furniture for the Environment

Circular economy, CAM compliance, producing with low environmental impact are some of the sustainability principles that inspire the work of the Friuli-based company.

For Legnolandia, producing with a low environmental impact means always choosing renewable raw materials and using only clean energy. The wood is mainly obtained from conifers in Friuli’s PEFC-certified forests, a zero-kilometre product that is treated with great care and respect so that it can generate maximum value at every stage of its life cycle. To process it, Legnolandia employs self-generated thermal and electrical energy, which allows it to meet the needs of the plants, while significantly reducing emissions.

The Circular Economy principle is pursued through: the use of sustainable raw materials, processing with renewable energy, extending the life cycle of products, reuse and recycling of materials at the end of their life. The commitment is to transform waste into value, reduce harmful emissions and make products that comply with CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria).

Among the rewarding measures in CAM are Universal Design for human diversity and social inclusion, enhancement of greenery and respect for the landscape, and the use of wood: ‘Recreational spaces for play and sports use are predominantly fitted out with products made of renewable natural materials (wood from sustainably managed forests with chain of custody certification such as PEFC┬« and FSC)’.

CAM 2023 also gives indications on the durability of wood, which must be resistant to biological attack by insects and fungi through the use of highly durable material such as Robinia without sapwood and/or coniferous wood suitably treated to achieve a durability class of 1-2 in accordance with UNI TR 11456, UNI EN 351-1.

The use of plastic: plastic products are not permitted by CAM. Plastic furniture placed in green areas must have a recycled content of at least 95 per cent of the total weight of the plastic product or component.

Legnolandia proudly follows a production philosophy that has guided its authentically sustainable activities for almost two hundred years.

An example of its commitment to creating CAM-compliant play areas is the one inaugurated in summer 2023 at the Marco Simoncelli House Park in Coriano (RE). The work, desired by the Marco Simoncelli Onlus 58 Foundation and dedicated to the memory of the motorcycling champion, is a concrete help to families with disabled people housed in shelters.

The park’s design has paid particular attention to accessibility by integrating several inclusive pieces of equipment into the access paths that allow play and interaction between users of different ages and abilities. The Legnolandia equipment installed in the park is mainly made of wood, a completely renewable raw material in line with CAM.

(News by Legnolandia Srl).