Legnoquadro presents the PODs: movable wooden bungalows for camping and hiking

The PODs were born from an idea of Legnoquadro (construction division of Legnolandia) to respond to a need that is emerging, and today, in post-Covid, even more so.

We are talking about wooden bungalows for camping and they are a modern solution for camping accommodation, tourist villages, naturalistic areas, rest points of cycle and pedestrian circuits. The characteristic of the POD lies in the lightness of the structures – made of silver fir -, in the essentiality of their components, in the sober and elegant lines that fit well in all hospitality contexts. The external surface of the POD consists almost entirely of the roof, thus reducing maintenance to a minimum. In areas exposed to the weather, the material is autoclaved for outdoor use, and for safety reasons the structures can be built with autoclave fireproof treated material.
The self-supporting structure, made and anchored on a slab of wood or lightened concrete, guarantees transportability and resistance to movement.

Different dimensional and distributive solutions are available, from the smallest, of 4 metres by 2.50, with or without bathroom, to the one composed of two rooms with bathroom, of 5 x 6 metres. The POD-Inclusive versions are also sized for use by disabled wheelchair users.
All versions have a small external terrace that can be extended up to 2 meters deep and on the entrance all models are equipped with a locker for sea equipment, hiking, biking.

Below, some sizes available:


For more informations: www.legnoquadro.it