Lumosa LED lighting on sports fields

With the focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, sports facilities can now benefit from the new generation of LED lighting from Lumosa.

All photos are of the Dal Molin Stadium in Arzignano.

The Lumosa LED lighting, suitable for any indoor and outdoor sports environment, saves up to 70% energy. Sustainable LED lighting increases performance, reduces energy costs, eliminates light pollution and improves the visual experience for both players and spectators. In combination with an innovative driver, this provides the highest possible lumen/watt ratio. The result is light of the highest quality on the field, without light pollution.

For each project, a customised lighting calculation is developed, factory pointing and hardware and software configuration complete a fully customised LED system.

With LumosaTouch, an intelligent application also created and developed in-house, it is also possible to choose which field to illuminate, to change the lighting mode (match, training, walk, etc.), to program the lighting timing, to manage user access and permissions, thus saving time, energy and costs, and to stay constantly informed about the status, utilisation and consumption of the system.

An application: the ‘T. Dal Molin’ stadium in Arzignano (Vicenza)

After important references abroad – including the Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena in Duisburg or the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt – Lumosa’s sustainable lighting is now also present in Italy.

The FC Arzignano Valchiampo sports club, which plays at home in the ‘Dal Molin’ stadium in Arzignano, had to adapt the sports facility to the requirements for Serie C matches last football season.

With the support of Corus – one of the first companies in Italy to obtain E.G.E. (Experts in Energy Management) certification – FC Arzignano renewed the stadium’s lighting by adopting high-power LED projectors branded Lumosa, in compliance with the standards imposed by the FIGC. During the preliminary feasibility analysis phase, a special bracket was designed, which allowed activities to take place in an efficient, safe and timely manner.

The relamping work was carried out in the record time of two weeks with technical workers coordinated by Corus.

(News by Corus Srl)