Woodpad ®, the cover born for padel

Woodpad ® (a brand of Cis 2000 Srl) is a cover that was created during the pandemic, and was conceived, studied and designed exclusively for padel. This is one of the features that distinguishes Woodpad ® from other covers on the market.

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woodpad cis2000 campi da padel

The structure is made of engineered glued laminated wood, produced with spruce boards up to 40 millimetres thick, mechanically classified according to UNI EN 14081 standards and with approved adhesives, treated with water-based Amonn Color impregnating agent in standard colours. The steelwork is adequately protected against corrosion.
The Woodpad ® by Cis2000 enclosure, being specifically designed for padel, allows multiple courts to be covered and directed as is most convenient. In addition, it guarantees an internal height well above the minimum required by the rules of the game.

The cover consists of a double inflatable PVC membrane, with a 700 gram outer and 500 gram inner sheet: a system that drastically reduces the phenomenon of condensation and optimises thermal transmittance by more than 60%. To optimise comfort in all seasons, Woodpad ® can also be opened on all four sides with a double-guide system that makes it easier and faster to open and close.

Woodpad ® is not just a cover

Choosing a Woodpad ® cover guarantees the sports centre quality, professionalism and design.
But Woodpad ® is much more, differentiating it from everything else on the market today.

Selected centres have, included in the price of the cover, a series of benefits including Playtomic (the platform for booking tennis and padel courts worldwide) and a two-day clinic at the centre with Marco Cassetta, Woodpad ® Official Ambassador and TeamWoodpad ® player as well as Italian padel champion.
A dedicated line of technical clothing is also on the way.
If the quality of Woodpad ® is widely appreciated abroad – where it is present with its representatives in 11 countries – the great success of padel in Italy too is rewarding a choice that is confirmed by technical and aesthetic quality.

(News by Cis2000 Srl)